In 1979, Hanna-Barbera produced a two-part special called Legends of the Super Heroes. It brought together a variety of superheroes and villains as well. It even reunited the stars of the 1966 Batman TV series, Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin and Frank Gorshin as the Riddler. Hanna-Barbera was hoping to capitalize on the success of other superhero TV shows. Both Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk were popular among viewers at the time. 

The first part was called Legend of the Superheroes: The Challenge which featured a Justice League reunion. Unfortunately, the specials did not do well in the ratings. The second part was hosted by Ed McMahon and was an hour long Roast. The Batmobile used in this TV special appears to be George Barris’ “Batfuzz” Batmobile. The red batlogos on the doors and tires are missing; most likely due to to licensing issues. 

There were some campy comedy skits and a funny scene with Batman and Robin. Robin gets into an accident with the Batmobile and has to tell Batman that the Batmobile is totaled. Check out the scene below.