In 1988, just one year before Michael Keaton’s Batman was released, DC Comics issued a 4 part comic book series called Batman: A Death in the Family where readers would determine the fate of Robin. Through a 900 # voting system, fans were given 2 different phone numbers to call. One to choose whether Robin would live and the other to choose the death of Robin. Robin was not Dick Grayson, it was actually Jason Todd who had become unpopular with comic book fans at that time. This was apparent as Robin was voted to die at the hands of the Joker. 

Now Warner Bros. is releasing a DVD based on this amazing comic book. Again, the fate of Robin is in the hands of comic books fans in this DC interactive movie. Will Robin die this time? You get to decide. This animated Batman movie allows viewers to guide the storyline using their remote control with numerous plot twists and several different endings. Viewers can also choose the option to have the story tell itself and be surprised with the outcome. 

Please note, this animated movie is Rated R and not suitable for young children considering some of the violent sequences. For a preview, check out the trailer below. It’s coming to DVD/Blu-Ray on October 13, 2020.